What Is Masteron?

For years, masteron was not available to many people and was definitely not something that
athletes were able to use. It was constantly made through counterfeit means and was too expensive for many. However, this has changed due to the growing number of people wanting the steroid and with the approval from the FDA.

In fact, the approval was gained by the proof that is could help with some breast cancer forms, which is the reason for the MAST at the start of the word; something that is found in names of some cancer forms.

Unlike many other steroids, masteron is not used for weight gain, which makes it one of the most unique out there. It does not offer much help when it comes to gaining weight because the amounts are so small. It does not even help with much fat loss either, due to the chemicals which help with fighting breast cancer is more aimed at lowering levels of estrogen rather than creating higher levels of testosterone.

This steroid can work with other types of drugs and have been proven to work better than chemotherapy. There are also fewer side effects that are commonly linked with the chemotherapy. The estrogen levels are lowered, which helps to fight the abnormal cells.

However, bodybuilders do use this drug and mainly for pre-contest days. While the levels of testosterone are much lower than many others, it can help with keeping the levels of testosterone high. Many other steroids will convert into estrogen in short spaces of time, whereas this one will not. This means that it can be taken to help slow down that conversion process and keep the muscle mass rather than gaining fat. It is commonly known as a drug to help prevent the common side effects of other steroids.

Along with preventing the side effects, it also helps to battle the water retention, which can often lead to muscles looking smaller and softer. By using the masteron before a competition, the muscles can continue to look hard and big when it is really needed.

However, there are side effects through using this steroid and the first is that the androgen is stronger than most, which leads to more aggression. However, this can be combated when prescribed through a doctor. Acne and hair loss are other common problems with the masteron due to the progesterone in it. The enlargement of the prostate has also been seen in many patients.

However, the water retention is extremely low, which prevents other problems including high
blood pressure and blood vessel weakness. The toxins in the liver also remain low, which is extremely uncommon when it comes to oral steroids.

However, like any steroid, masteron is illegal in many countries unless it has been prescribed by a doctor. It is also very important to have regular checkups with the doctor to ensure that the health is still good. The checkups can help to calm some of the side effects that are commonly noticed through the use of the masteron steroid.