What is Lasix?

Lasix is a loop diuretic; some of the strongest diuretics in the world. They are referred to as loop diuretics for their quality of regulating the amount of water in the body. This is one of the strongest loop diuretics in the world and this makes it risky since it causes a lot of potassium to be excreted from the body anytime it removes water from the body.

Potassium levels need to be kept regular otherwise body functions may halt and this may be dangerous. You have to watch how often you use Lasix and make sure you have supplemented the amount of potassium in your system when using Lasix.

An interesting question is, since Lasix is such a strong diuretic how is it going to help an athlete? Is it worth using and what are the benefits of using it?

Athletes use Lasix for a simple reason, removal of water from the muscles of the body. You may have used a lot of steroids some time before a match and you have gained a lot of water from whatever steroid. This means that you have a lot of weight in your system and you may lose your weight classification and get taken to another classification with a lot more competition.

To remove the water, you will need Lasix and thanks to its fast acting quality, you do not have to worry about being classified as overweight for your own class. For this reason, Lasix is used among boxers and bodybuilders. To be able to compete effectively in your own class and win, you will need to get rid of the water in your muscles. It has an upside of reducing the soreness and tiredness of muscles that are caused by having a lot of water in the muscles.

For a fast acting dosage of Lasix, use the injectable one. If you are not the kind to get used to injections use the oral tablets but you will have to wait for longer to see the effects of oral tablets. Lasix has an advantage of exiting the body in the shortest time as well and this means you will not fail any drugs test.

Any dosage of Lasix will depend on what you want to achieve; but it is not recommended to be used more than 80mg per day. It has a disadvantage of reducing your potassium levels to dangerous zones or dehydrating you. Some of the side effects include dizziness, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.