Side Effects Of Steroids

There is no doubt that steroids are extremely popular among sports players because it helps them to gain muscle mass, have more stamina required for running, hit the ball harder and basically just be more fit overall. However the use of certain steroids like anabolic steroids is illegal and these aren’t recommended to people because of the steroid side effects associated with them.

Hence they are very dangerous and not recommended to people. Despite of this, there are still a lot of people who use these performance enhancing drugs because of the benefits they offer. And in a craze to achieve the body or the stamina they’ve always wanted, some people even forget about the side effects caused by anabolic steroids which are lethal at times.

One of the main side effects of these performance enhancing drugs is that it decreases the amount of testosterone produced in men’s bodies. And hence because of this low testosterone symptoms will be experienced along with other conditions such as low sex drive, low sperm count, etc. It is because of this physical side effect that a lot of people wish that they had never taken steroids in the first place. At times these side effects may be irrevocable, so it is advisable to not rely on steroids in the first place. Also the urinary system would be affected because of prolonged intake of anabolic steroids. The steroid user can experience frequent urination, painful urination and other urinary problems.

The kidneys are also affected by steroids. The main function of the kidneys is to filter the liquids and hence by adding a foreign substance like steroids to the bloodstream, one will be putting additional strain on one’s kidneys.

Another physical side effect among the many steroid side effects is high blood pressure. Steroids, particularly anabolic steroids are used for the purpose of retaining water inside one’s muscles and hence because of this increased fluid retention the heart would be facing more burdens and having more workload and that is why it leads to high blood pressure. This side effect is even more lethal than low testosterone symptoms because it can eventually lead to heart attack!

Other physical side effects associated are increased risk of liver failure or liver damage. The steroid users can experience some symptoms of liver damage like getting jaundice where the skin and the white part of the eyes turn yellow. Liver damage is an extremely painful condition which is best avoided. Steroids also have adverse effects on one’s digestive system. The people who are most likely to experience problems with their digestive systems are the ones who use anabolic steroids. The reason why this happens is because the steroids would be injected into the blood and because blood circulates throughout the body, hence it can affect any organ.

Apart from physical side effects, steroids can also cause devastating psychological side effects which can affect any individual’s social life as well. These psychological side effects can be extremely frightening at times too. Use of steroids can lead to people having difficulty in controlling their emotions, so they are most likely to be crabby and easy irritated at all times. They would also have bad temper. And if they do not stop using steroids then they can even develop symptoms of various mental diseases. They can become extremely paranoid and have hallucinations (i.e. see things which do not exist in reality) and even hear voices!

However the good news is that it is possible for one to turn back and not continue going down the road to devastation by using steroids. Some of the revocable side effects of steroids like irritation in the body and acne can be treated. For this purpose there are specialists who would advise you about how to change your diet in order to restore your original state. For instance in order to stabilize your body again after using steroids you should consume plenty of fruits and avoid caffeine or any food item which contains caffeine because it can do more damage to the recovery process.

Because of these side effects steroids have gained a bad reputation and the sad truth is that most people are still reliant on steroids because they think that there is no other way to have a completely ripped body with large muscles. This isn’t true and people need to learn how to use their brains in order to develop muscles the proper and right way. By putting their health at risk simply for the sake of building gigantic muscles is silly because health is wealth. So if you want to build your body and look lean and muscular or even bulky and muscular then you can rely on steroids alternatives instead. These are extremely safe and have no side effects. Remember that there is no substitution for hard work, so do not thread on the wrong path!