Anavar Reviews

Below I’m going to list a bunch of anavar reviews by different clients of mine so you can get a general idea of why anavar is such a popular anabolic steroid.

This article is obviously entitled anavar reviews for this very reason. First review is from a first time steroid user who did an anavar only cycle.

“I personally loved my Anavar cycle. I’d trained for over 10 years before I thought about steroids and made good progress in the first 8 years. I was 25 and training in the sport known as Olympic weight lifting. I needed to increase my strength dramatically, but I didn’t want to jump up too many “weight classes” One weight class was fine with me.

I did a 10 week cycle and the first thing I noticed was the increase in muscle mass and vascularity. I was 8% body fat but within a few weeks I’d dropped to 6%, yet I weighed 2lbs more. My strength seemed to increase at the same rate as when I’d just started training.

What I mean by that is, I could add 5lbs to all my lifts every session this lasted for the entire 10 week period. I stayed at 6% body fat while moving up a weight class as I had planned. I added 32KG to my clean and jerk (just over 60lbs) and 20kg to my snatch 44lbs.

My squat went up by 45kg as well.

I am extremely happy with my results on anavar”

Not convinced? Let’s look at some more anavar reviews

This one is by Stacey a 29 year old figure model who has used anavar only cycles, and anavar + deca.

“I totally loved anavar on its own but when I stacked it with deca it was like a whole new world. My strength shot up insanely fast and I mean this.. I can’t stress how fast I made progress. My muscles seemed to harden on a daily bases and my strength shot up.

The deca worked in perfect unison with the anavar in that it allowed me to really build up my thighs, and triceps along with my upper back, I felt the muscle gained was dramatic and noticeable and no I didn’t look “manly” in fact I’d say I was the most feminine I’ve ever looked! Not only this but I actually lost weight due to the anavar.

And was able to keep around 90% of my strength and muscle gains after a 16 week cycle. I really loved it and cant recommend it highly enough!”

Now after hearing some of these anavar reviews I am sure you are interested in where you can buy anavar correct? Well here you go!

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Now continuing on with a few more anavar reviews.

“I will give some of my own personal experience. I find anavar to be a great steroid for building LEAN muscle tissue, I loved it a lot when I was doing MMA fighting, it’s capable of adding 7/8lbs of lean mass while helping you drop body fat.

The strength gains on it are quite extreme and I am a huge fan of those. Especially the stamina you can get on this and endurance increase. Imagine you have lost body fat, your endurance is up dramatically, strength is WAY up! All of these things can give you a tremendous amount of benefits especially for a fighter, it’s no shock bodybuilders, mma athletes, power lifters, Olympic lifters, boxers, martial artists, Wrestlers. I can go on forever tend to love this drug so much.”

We hear a lot of anavar reviews. But half of them are not in depth enough. Or just stress the same thing over and over. Anavar has so much potential to do so many different things in your training regime and for so many different reasons. This is why there’s so many positive anavar reviews.

Untill next time I hope you enjoyed this article titled anavar reviews. And be sure to join our forum.

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